No News is Good News (For Trump)

How Censorship Shows Trump is Right about Political Correctness

Thomas Werner


June 24rd, 2016

Photo: National Review  

My mother is Canadian. She does not like Donald Trump. A good chunk of my friends are liberal. They do not like Donald Trump. I browse Reddit frequently. They hate Donald Trump. I like to think I always try and see both sides of the story, but with Trump I just couldn’t. My surroundings bombarded me with the stories of his bigotry, lack of thought in policy, arrogance, and all the other good stuff. The idea of him running for president was presented to me in a way that I was waiting for him to yell, “Gotcha!” and reveal it was just a prank.


Just a few days ago, my opinion took a u-turn. I realized some of what he is saying is right. Now, I have not boarded the Trump Train per say, but I have been flirting with the travel agent. Ironically, what opened my eyes was Reddit. Specifically, subreddit dedicated to Mr. Trump. Originally, I went there as a joke to find some dank Donald memes. But what I found opened my eyes to issues Trump supporters argued for that someone as myself never would have known.

What I found was the true extent media would go to to in the name of being politically correct. 


Spurring the massive exposing of liberal media was the horrific Orlando shooting. Right after the event, the mods of /r/News (Reddit’s main news subreddit) began deleting any and every post to do with the shooting. News articles explaining what happened--gone. Further details behind the story--gone. Information where Orlando residents could donate desperately needed blood--gone. This kind of censorship was atrocious. But Reddit went even further. Users who posted or commented about the shooter’s being Muslim or having Islamic extremist tendencies had their comments removed and were banned. The only place users could go to see anything at all about the shooting was none other than /r/The_Donald.


The censorship didn’t stop there. Facebook and Twitter joined in on the fun.


While the news broke and the public reacted, Twitter seemed like they had a specific way they wanted the public to react. Twitter quickly quelled the popular #GaysforTrump hashtag, completely removing it from the autocomplete feature. While, on the other hand, the #LGBTQHatesTrump hashtag remained uncensored and enjoyed a huge surge, even being a suggested hashtag before users typed in anything at all.


#GaysforTrump still managed to reach three times as many users and make twice as many impressions than #LGBTQHatesTrump.


Facebook did its part fon a similar path of Reddit, removing pages such as removing the  Stop Islamization of America page, which had over 56,000 likes. Facebook also routinely censors conservative posts and people, such as Lauren Southern who had posts removed for talking about, what else, censorship. Former facebook workers also claim they deliberately would keep right-winged topics out of the ‘trending’ topics of facebook, and were pressured to artificially boost left wing agendas such as black lives matter.


So what does all this mean about Trump? It means he is right. Not about everything (wouldn’t it be great to have a perfect president), but definitely about political correctness. People and media, especially on the liberal side, are afraid of offending or being the platform for something potentially upsetting. When the Orlando shooting broke, the elephant in the room was that the shooter was Muslim. While this factor may be controversial, it still deserves a spot in the conversation whether you agree with what people are saying about it or not. Completely censoring a large part of the discussion is unacceptable. In such a hectic event, the liberal media scrambled to remain ‘politically correct’ and revealed its true self. Scrapping to avoid offending the sensitive they took desperate measures and ended up with a huge censoring scandal.  


“Circumstance does not make the man; it reveals him to himself.” -James Allen.