Photo: Nancy Werner

Michigan Water Crisis

How Michigan's Water Supply is Poisoning Americans

In a Nutshell

Caleb Archer

October 11th, 2018

Starting back in 2014 and still up today Michigan’s water has been contaminated with chemicals that are twenty times the amount of the threshold set by the US Environmental Protection Agency. People are only allowed to use the water for showers, laundry and flushing toilets.

Due to the lead pipes corroding and wearing away the lead has been leaking from the lead pipes into the drinking water contaminating over 100,000 residents. Efforts are being put into play such as flushing the pipes out but millions of dollars are needed to repair all the lead pipes that have been worn down. 

For children in Flint Michigan, reading levels are dropping by 75%. Due to lead poisoning the children’s reading levels dropped by 10.7% last year to 75% today. Symptoms of lead poisoning may include development delays that could be one of the factors of why the reading levels spiked from 10.7% to 75%.