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The Left Media's Bias and Censorship 

Whomas Terner

November 27th, 2016

This past election bred more bias and media distrust than any of us have probably ever seen. ‘Fake news’, censorship, and agendas have run rampant. We’ve written of  similar issues before, but the problem on both sides has only grown.

Nowadays, many people’s primary source of news is the internet. Over 40% of the US says their primary news source is Facebook. The problem with this is, shockingly, there are no rules against lying on the internet. This crazy political period has spawned a phenomenon of fake news. Bogus news stories explode on Facebook, with headlines such as "Pope Francis Shocks World, Endorses Donald Trump for President", "Barack Obama Admits He Was Born in Kenya", and "Trump said in 1998 'If I were to run, I'd run as a Republican. They're the dumbest group of voters in the country'" being shared millions of times.


As the primary harborers of fake news, Google and Facebook have stated they will take measures to combat this. As the main motivation for the people who run fake news sites is money from ad revenue, Google and Facebook plan to strip their ad services to such sites cutting off their money supply. However, deeming if a site is fake or not could be difficult, and also raises tough questions about editorial responsibility.


Here's an example of the journey of a fake news article: A completely misinformed article with a particularly intriguing electoral map recently spread like wildfire across many social media forms; mainly Facebook. The title read, “Donald Trump Won 7.5 Million Popular Vote Landslide in the Heartland,” and the reason it probably spread so well was its accompanying fake electoral map that was almost entirely red. Surprisingly, the original Facebook post with a link to the article now has 35,000 shares and 59,000 likes. Platforms like Facebook and Google have both addressed this issue of fake news, but one can tell that it will surely be a struggle.


To give more insight into fake news, when the headline “FBI Agent Suspected In Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide” went viral, Laura Sydell of National Public Radio’s All Things Considered and  a head engineer at MasterMcNeil Inc., John Jansen, decided to get to the bottom of it.  Justin Coler was identified as the culprit, and what he had to say about the whole fake news business sheds important light on the issue. Global Research sums up the findings:

“The ‘meat,’ as Coler calls it, is consumed more enthusiastically by some than others. Naturally, his target audience was always going to be the more indignant and loudly cheering one.  Conjuring up the fiction to then condemn it only goes so far.  The beast eventually develops legs, scurrying away from the truth. This was very much the case in the reactions to supposed fake news stories.  Some supporters would accept the product wholesale, ignoring the rebuttal.  The Trump followers, claimed Coler, were ‘just waiting to eat up this red meat they’re about to get served.’ This led to something of a perversion: to prove a point, Coler, as a registered Democrat, was effectively cultivating a market and exploiting it. He was even making money out of the credulous, even if they were backing another candidate.”

And when the majority of fake news is political and Trump centered, it can have an impact. In fact, that may have been a plan all along…


Recent reports show Russian propaganda efforts propelled fake election news with the goal of defaming Hillary Clinton, propelling Donald Trump, and fostering an American distrust in the government. It sounds like it is straight out of a Bond movie, but this is one piece of news that is not fake. Research has found that Russia had been employing thousands of botnets which were designed to feed false information and fake news into political conversations among Americans. This was mainly done, again, through social media, like Facebook and Twitter. False Russian stories posted on facebook were viewed over 213 million times. All of this false info went towards idolizing Trump and making Clinton look very unfavorable.

The reputation of, dubbed ‘The Front Page of the Internet’, has spiraled downward in the whirlpool of censorship. The left leaning website has previously received heat for suspicions of removing and modifying posts, but three days ago considerable news broke: The CEO of Reddit confessed to modifying posts from Trump supporters after they wouldn't stop sending him expletives. Ironically, the feud between u/Spez (The CEO) and the Trump supporters started over a fake news bombardment propagating rumors that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were running a child sex slave ring in the back rooms of a local pizza shop in Washington, D.C. Trump-supporting Redditors pounced on the fake story, creating the subreddit /r/Pizzagate. Admins then took steps to shut down the subreddit, spurring the comment onslaught. The comments were then modified without the user's’ knowledge. In the aftermath u/Spez stated:

"Hey Everyone,

Yep. I messed with the “f**k u/spez ” comments, replacing "spez" with r/the_donald mods for about an hour. It’s been a long week here trying to unwind the r/pizzagate stuff. As much as we try to maintain a good relationship with you all, it does get old getting called a pedophile constantly. As the CEO, I shouldn’t play such games, and it’s all fixed now. Our community team is pretty pissed at me, so I most assuredly won’t do this again.

F**k u/spez."

Despite the apology, many Reddit users remain fed up with Reddit’s pattern of censorship. Some are even advocating legal action against the site.


Reddit is not the only entity at fault for blatant bias.

NBC caught fire for tweeting a heavily misleading quote from an interview with Trump’s chief of staff over a Muslim registry. The tweet read,

"Can you rule out a registry for Muslims?" asks @ChuckTodd.

"I'm not going to rule out anything..." says @Reince on @MeetThePress #MTP.”

NBC left out the important bit following the ellipses: “Look, I’m not going to rule out anything. But, we are not going to have a registry based on religion.”


Another culprit is Politifact, a supposed fact checker designed to keep politicians in line, has exhibited strong left leanings. Simply looking at the numbers, a bias is clear. “Sen. Ted Cruz lands on the "False" side 65 percent of the time, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich 57 percent of the time and former Sen. Rick Santorum 55 percent of the time. For Democrats, President Obama is ruled false 25 percent of the time, and Sen. Bernie Sanders is false only 30 percent of the time.” Politifact has checked a total of 4 statements by Elizabeth Warren (all deemed true), compared to Sen. Ted Cruz’s whopping 114. Cruz and Warren were both elected to the Senate in 2012. On top of all this, at times Politifact has even been objectively wrong. It may come as no surprise that Politifact’s owner, the Tampa Bay Times, endorsed Hillary.


And CNN, well, CNN is just falling apart. They’ve caught fire for posting an article with a headline suggesting all African Americans are felons, acquiring debate questions directly from the DNC, posting pointless sophomoric clickbait, and, to top it all off, allegedly airing 30 straight minutes of hardcore transsexual pornography to Boston viewers two nights ago.

The sad thing is, this issue is nothing new. We’ve seen it all throughout history. “The carefully doctored text to defame a minority, the false narrative about a race, idea or culture (The Protocols of the Elders of Zion come to mind), and the airbrushing of history.” The only thing that has changed is the medium. But this new medium gives us hope. Back in time, fake news was spread by “the higher end of the news production cycle: a William Randolph Hearst, a Rupert Murdoch, or a director of propaganda operations in a government (totalitarian or otherwise) ever enthusiastic about spinning the story.” The news they spread was not questioned. Now, however, we have every more reason to question everything. With the world wide web at our fingertips, we have no excuse to just read headlines. It is up to us to mitigate news and seek the truth.